Jason Bruegger, born in Switzerland, is a young circus artist who graduated from the National Circus School of Montreal in June 2015. At the age of 5, Jason had already discovered his passion and fascination for the circus world. He joined a youth circus in Basel, where he spent 10 years developing skills in different disciplines. Jason’s first step towards a career as a professional circus artist was his admission to the Bäumlihof School, a Swiss Olympic partner school. He was the very first circus artist in Switzerland to get accepted into this unique school for professional athletes. In 2012, Jason was accepted to the National Circus School in Montreal, where he specializes in aerial straps and minors in silks and aerial hoop.

Aerial straps

During his three years at the National Circus School, Jason developed his very own style of doing aerial straps, combining strength with flexibility. He creates an act that is both strong and sensitive. With twists and bends, he alters classical aerial straps movements into completely new shapes. Like a feather in the wind, Jason flies effortlessly through the air and captures the audience with his gentle movements.

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After one year of doing aerial hoop as his minor discipline and creating a second aerial act, Jason aims to explore yet another aerial discipline to create a third act. Choosing silks as his new complementary discipline, he found the perfect contrast to aerial straps. The elastic silks allow him to perform spectacular movements in great heights. Using his strength and flexibility, Jason seemingly entwines with the silks and executes beautiful moves and drops.

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